Who knew that unicycles played a part in the Cambridge Phenomenon?

Posted 21 Sep 2011 by Sue Keogh in Phenomenon news

Read the interview in Business Weekly with our author Kate Kirk in which she talks about the tales of creativity, audacity and occasional disaster which are part of the Cambridge Phenomenon story.

'Many of them are tinged with a strong element of fun,' it says in the article, 'whether that be the fun of thwarting the authorities - blatant disregard for regulations has sometimes proved essential for success - or the fun of coming up with something new and innovative, and finding a way of bringing it to market.'

Kate explains how riding the unicycle was a regular lunchtime activity for younger engineers, and that she has unearthed 'stories of tank-driving escapades, the unfortunate affair of the peaches, the topless models that weren't topless, and a sinking. There's the time condoms were flying round the lab like demented balloons, the prototype that was really an empty box, and the two entrepreneurs who met at a disco.'

Read the article in full at Business Weekly, pages 54-57.

And to find out more about the book and pre-order a copy go to the Cambridge Phenomenon book page.