Two Phenomenal Companies

As part of The Future Starts Here, Cambridge Phenomenon Ltd, in partnership with Microsoft Research, ARM and Price Bailey, ran a competition to identify the most exciting companies of the future in IT and Biosciences. The winners were selected by the delegates at the end of the conference using real–time electronic voting.

Competition Asset

The Competition

We appointed a panel of expert judges with backgrounds in investment, multi-national corporations and government to draw up a short–list of 8 companies that had the potential to win the coveted Cambridge Phenomenon Award 2010. The short–listed companies were invited to enter the competition. As part of the process, we arranged for the CEOs of each participating company to make a high-impact 60–second film explaining why they should win the title.

The companies received presentation training from a professional coach before the cameras started rolling so we expected nothing short of Oscar–winning performances! The resulting films were shown to delegates at various stages throughout the conference. At the end of the day, the audience selected the top company companies in each category using a real–time electronic voting system. The winners were presented with a superb engraved glass obelisk.

Shortlist and Winners

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Meet the Judges

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To be eligible, the companies had to be located within a 20–mile radius of Cambridge. They also had to be in private ownership, operate in the IT or bioscience sector, and been in business for a minimum of 2 years.