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ARM Holdings: The Apple of our eye

Posted 25th June 2010 by James Cotton

The tremendous global buzz that this potential takeover is creating demonstrates the scale on which the Cambridge region is being recognised as a world-class incubator of innovative and highly successful start-ups. With ARM Holdings and Apple dominating the takeover news agenda, we are left without doubt that the eyes of the ‘Valley’ are firmly on the ‘Fen’.

As a recent article in The Economist points out, the discovery of Europe by Silicon Valley “reflects a change in European entrepreneurial potential,” especially in the internet and other information-technology industries. Much of this success stems from the vast array of experienced venture capitalists and angel investors, many of whom are based within the Cambridge region. Among these investors is Amadeus Capital Partners which supports the Cambridge Phenomenon in its quest to transform the region into the next Silicon Valley.

Hermann Hauser, co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners, says that a dozen years ago most of the start-ups his firm financed were led by first-time entrepreneurs. Amadeus had a hard time finding like-minded venture capitalists. Today 70% of the chief executives are repeat entrepreneurs, and there are enough good venture capitalists around to team up on financing. “The progress has been spectacular,” he says, “particularly in Cambridge” (The Economist). As a result, companies located in the Valley are paying close attention to developments in Cambridge, highlighting that the ‘Silicon Fen’ is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Warren East, CEO of ARM Holdings, Julie Meyer, Founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital and Hermann Hauser, Founder of Amadeus Capital Partners, will all be speaking the Cambridge Phenomenon 50th Anniversary Conference. To book a ticket, please click here.

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