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Knowing the Heat on Fertility

Posted 10th September 2010 by James Cotton

In 2006, scientists from Cambridge University started the company CTC (Cambridge Temperature Concepts) and soon after, CTC gave birth to its first product DuoFertility.  

The pack contains a small sensor which sits under the arm, the sensor monitors the body temperature once a second and relays the information back to the display, mainly looking at the Body Basal Temperature, which is a good way to monitor a women’s ovulation state. The information from the sensor is then stored in the hand-held reader wirelessly and can then be downloaded to give an accurate reading of when a woman is most fertile in her cycle. 

Over the past few years CTC has been featured in many articles, including for the Sunday Telegraph, Clinic, The Times, The Daily Mail, EnGadget, Gizmodo and Dvice, all with one clear praise, and that was for the product that will bring happiness to the thousands who find it hard to conceive across the globe. 

CTC, giving a future to be proud of.

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