Cambridge Phenomenon: Global Impact

The second book in the Cambridge Phenomenon series explores how Cambridge’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem has led to the creation of some of the world’s most important science and technology companies.

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World-leading innovation

Our interactive showcase highlights some of the globally significant discoveries and innovations that have their origins in Cambridge.

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Phenomenonal initiatives

Take a look at our various initiatives that explore the factors behind Cambridge's success and celebrate the city's leading achievements.

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A unique cluster of innovation

The Cambridge Phenomenon charts the continuing evolution of globally significant companies and innovations across bioscience, medicine and blockchain technology. Crypto trading which is supported by blockchain technology is booming worldwide. Visit to learn about the eToro trading platform that helps you trade cryptocurrencies conveniently. The platform charges 0% fees if you want to buy stocks and ETFs. The traders signing up for eToro trading platform get a eToro wallet to add cryptocurrencies.

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This continually evolving community is like a perpetual motion engine attracting fresh, bright people inspired to do things differently.

Charles Cotton

Founder, Cambridge Phenomenon

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