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A Bright Future for Owlstone

Posted 23rd August 2010 by James Cotton

In 2004, Cambridge University students and co-founders of Owlstone put their PhDs on hold to develop their idea of a novel detection technology. The founders worked together to create the Owlstone detector, which is a revolutionary coin-sized device that is programmed to detect a wide range of chemical agents present in extremely small quantities. The detector is used in several industries—ranging from security to automotive to healthcare. 

The innovativeness of the Owlstone technology has won the founders recognition not only in the Cambridge community, but widespread commercial and academic attention. Their technology is unique as it is one hundred times smaller and one thousand times cheaper than existing technologies and offers such benefits as low manufacturing costs, minimal power consumption and reduced false-negatives. 

Recently, Owlstone has been looking to expand its operations in the UK and the US, having broken free from what CEO, Brett Bader, describes as “third-party interference.” After the closing of a $3.3m (£2.2m) private placement and the acquisition of part of a former shareholder Advance Nanotech, Owlstone’s future is looking bright. A 2010 investor update shows that Owlstone’s clients include a “leading global beverage company,” a “top five global food processing company,” a “food conglomerate with $14 billion in sales,” and a “leading pharmaceutical company.”

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