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CUTEC: Engaging Students

Posted 23rd August 2010 by James Cotton

Founded by Cambridge University students, CUTEC, Cambridge Technology and Enterprise Club, is a leading student-run organization that aims to engage venture capital organizations to support technological innovations. With the goal of raising entrepreneurial aptitude amongst academics by facilitating interactions between students and the business community, the organization comprises a vibrant team of enthusiastic and ambitious individuals. CUTEC connects industry experts to students, providing students with exposure to the business community while providing investors access to research and entrepreneurs within the University of Cambridge.

One of the projects that CUTEC actively collaborates in is i-Teams. i-Teams allows post-graduate entrepreneurs to work with real inventions to determine the best route for their commercialization and present the results at CUTEC’s annual Technology Ventures Conference. This project affords the students the opportunity to explore, identify and analyze the commercial potential of their innovations. 

CUTEC also offers workshops throughout the year to encourage students to keep engaging with the business community. The organization offers sessions in such areas as networking, intellectual property, innovation, team building and investing. These are great opportunities for continued learning and integrating the students with successful Cambridge entrepreneurs and business professionals. 

Cambridge professionals support the organization. To help the members develop yearly strategies, manage resources and finances, and offer advice and feedback, CUTEC has created a board of Senior Advisors. These include Cambridge Phenomenon Conference Panel Chairs - Dr. Hermann Hauser, Founder and Director of Amadeus Capital Partners; Sherry Coutu, serial entrepreneur and investor; and Andy Richards, serial entrepreneur and investor. 

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