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As well as being available for use on Raspberry Pi ­ another amazing Cambridge inventions, ­RealVNC is granting universal access to computers and devices for people and organisations around the world.

From NHS Trusts and schools, to freelancers who need constant and reliable access to their files at all times, RealVNC takes the inventive spirit of Cambridge, and uses it to create superbly useful software.

How does RealVNC work?

RealVNC is a family of software packages which allows users to remotely access their computer from another computer or device, like an iPhone, tablet or Android phone. Rather than accessing individual files stored in the Cloud, RealVNC shows you your actual desktop in real-time, using another machine as a proxy.

For example, let’s say that you have Photoshop on your computer at home, but not on the computer you use at work. Providing RealVNC is installed on both machines, you can access your home computer from work, seeing it as though you were right there in front of it.

Founded in Cambridge in 2002, RealVNC is now used by hospitals and other large organisations where I.T problems can be a frequent menace, allowing support staff to quickly and easily see and ­ hopefully ­fix the problem.

You can even install RealVNC on your smartphone, and control your computer that way.

So, who uses RealVNC?

The beauty of RealVNC is how versatile it is, and since its launch, the software has left Cambridge and been downloaded by NHS Trusts across the country, by schools, and by complex transportation networks in the United States. Not to mention the millions of individual users around the world, who use RealVNC to run their businesses and maintain constant access to their entire digital lives.

In one example, the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA), which regulates transportation of the various ships and deliveries between Delaware and New Jersey in the U.S., employed RealVNC software to keep its I.T systems running smoothly, year-round.

How? Well, we’ve all been there, when the network goes down, and 45 minutes later, you’re still on hold to the tech support team. Finally, you’re through, they log your call, and it’s another three hours before anyone gets back to you. In the meantime, you’ve lost trade, and have lots of unhappy customers. With RealVNC installed, the I.T department can keep a constant, real­time eye on the DRBA’s system health, getting right on it if something goes wrong.

For many businesses, that just means efficiency and money saved, but for others, like the NHS Trusts which rely in­part on what RealVNC allows them to do, it means safety.

A safer NHS thanks to RealVNC

Even the computers at Cambridge’s own Addenbrooke’s Hospital use RealVNC to keep their systems as healthy as possible.

In some areas, where clinicians rely on computers to pull up important information, the collapse of a computer can be a disaster. But, with RealVNC, the I.T department can quickly access that particular machine, diagnose the problem and fix it, right before the clinician’s eyes. All of this speed and flexibility, makes RealVNC as useful to big business, as it does individuals.

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